10 Hidden Features Of Android Devices You Didn’t Know About

Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems. It has tons of feature than IOS offers. Android allows its users to customize their device according to their wish which most of the operating systems doesn’t offer. You may be using the android device for several years but there are some hidden features that you didn’t notice or know about. In this article today we will be discussing 10 Hidden Features Of Android Devices You Didn’t Know About, that you will find helpful in your daily life. Without any delay let’s get started.

1. Developer Option

If you are techy, then you may be familiar with this feature. This is an option in your phone settings which doesn’t appear on your settings unless you enable it manually. This option contains tons of features.

Follow the steps below to enable it:

  • Go to your Phones settings>AboutPhone>Look for Build Number>Tap on Build Number 7 Times.
  • Now a pop-up message appears reporting you that developer option is now available.
  • And Now, go back to settings. Now you can see the developer option above the About Phone if not search for developer option in search.

2. Smart Lock

With the help of smart lock, you are able to unlock your device using faster methods like face and voice recognition. Most of the android device comes with these features but many of the users hardly notice it.

Follow the steps below to enable it:

  • Go to Settings>Security
  • Look for an option called smart lock.
  • Now enter the current password of your device, that’s it.

3. Allowing Others To Access Only One App

We all have been there, someone asked for your phone to make a call or to use a specific app but you don’t want him to access your personal data or any apps rather than it. then there is a way for it, its called Screen Pinning. Some times you may have seen this option in your phone settings, but you may not have bothered about it because you didn’t what it is used for. Then here is what it does, when you turn ON screen pinning and select an app the user cannot exit or use another app unless you enter the password that you use to unlock your device.

  • Go to Settings>Security>Advanced
  • Screen Pinning>Turn ON
  • Now open the app you want to pin.
  • Click overview Button(Square Shaped Button)
  • Now you can see a pin icon in the overviewed app if you didn’t see it then long press on the icon of the overviewed app and click pin.
  • If you want to exit the pin press and hold the back button and square button the same time, after entering the password the app will be unpinned.

4. One-Hand Mode

You are holding luggage in one hand and you want to use the phone with the other hand, but the screen of your phone is too wide to use with one hand. Don’t worry there is a solution for you One-Hand Mode. 

  • To enable it, just touch and slide from back button to the overview button(square button) or the reverse.
  • To exit this mode just click on the black area.

5. Running Two Apps At The Same Time

Multitasking or screen splitting is the feature offered on the device running Android Nogut or above. This allows you to use two apps at the same time by splitting the screen into 2  for them.

  • To use this feature Open two apps you want to use.
  • Click on overview button(square button)
  • Now select and drag that apps title bar to the top or to left and when the screen is split select another app if it didn’t work then long press on the icon of the overviewed app and click the split screen.

6. Changing the Default App

If you unknowing set a video player app or any another app as default and are trying to change it, then follow me:

  • Go to Setting>Apps>Advanced>Default Apps
  • From there you can change your default apps.

7. Priority

You are attending some important meeting or something, so you kept your device in Do Not Disturb mode. But at the same time, you want to get notified by a specific app, it is possible.

  • Go sounds in settings or long press the Do Not Disturb icon on the status bar.
  • Now go to do not disturb preferences, from here you adjust the rules.

8. Keep Your Device Unlocked When You’re At Home

This very helpful and less time-consuming feature, to enable this feature.

  • Go to Setting>Security>SmartLock>Trusted PLace
  • Now add your home as your trusted place

9. Fake Current GPS Location

This trick helps you to make your GPS to think that you’re in another location, to enable this feature:

  • Go to Settings> Enable Developer Option by following the method in 1st feature
  • Now, tick on Allow Mock Location

10. Secret Game

Think that you went to the store with your mother and you forget to take your phone and you started getting bored. And you borrowed your mother’s phone sadly there is no game on your mother phone, don’t worry just

  • Go to Settings>About
  • Tap repeatedly on android version until android inbuild game appears.

And that’s for today. These are the 10 Hidden Features Of Android Devices You Probably Didn’t Know About.

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