[2022] Best Custom Roms Ever Made For Android

best custom roms for android

Howdy, today in this article I will give you the list of best custom roms ever made 2020. And I have tried most of them and it was really amazing.

What Is A Custom Rom

For those who don’t know what is a Custom Rom let me explain it for you. ROM(Read Only Memory) is a phone firmware it comprises mainly of OS. Since we all know that Android is Google’s open-source program and therefore any developer has the right to edit or change their codes and re-release it with a better look and features. And “Custom Rom” is what we call for this type of Roms.

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Here Is The List Of Best Custom Rom Ever Made 2020

  • LineageOS

lineage os

LineageOS will be first on our list because it deserves to be. It is undoubtedly the most famous and best Custom Rom ever made until 2020. The main reason for LineageOS to be famous is its stability and security features. And also it supports almost all devices. It receives mouthly updates and also it comes with the newer versions of the android version. LineageOS is the most trusted and widely used custom rom more than 2 million devices runs LinegeOS.

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  • Resurrection Remix OS

resurrection remix os

So, Resurrection Remix OS is the next one on our list. A Rom is mainly known for the features it offers with uncompromising stability it has become one of the community favorite OS. With the help of Resurrection Remix OS, you can customize your device in any manner. Resurrection Remix OS  is personally my favorite one among the others. Resurrection Remix OS  continuous updates and developments as per their user’s preference which made its user’s favorite OS.

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  • Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android is also a popular os among users. It is known for its cool and stylish look which attracts most of the users. Paranoid Android is one of the oldest and stable os available out there.  This rom contains in inbuilt icon packs and other lots of cool features which makes your device look cool. And Paranoid Android also gets its updates periodically and fixes most of its bugs.

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  • Pixel Experience

pixel experience rom

Like the name itself, Pixel Experience was launched in the aim to bring maximum from features from Google Pixel to other devices. If you want your device to look the same as the Google Pixel then the Pixel Experience will be the best choice. And this rom is popular among the user who loves Google Pixel but unable to afford it. Because it gets updated periodically there is no need to be afraid of bugs.

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These are the list of best custom roms ever made until 2022.

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