Amazon Prime Video Cookies July 2020 [Hourly Updated]

Amazon Prime Video cookies are all that you need to start watching content for free from the platform. With these cookies, you could watch Amazon Prime Video for free for lifelong and you are not required to pay anything.

If you want to get Amazon Prime Video Accounts for free then cookies are the best option out there. I will share an updated set of cookies as well as tutorials on using it live. This way you won’t have to search for Amazon Prime Username and Passwords to use it.

Amazon Prime Video Cookies

Amazon Prime Videos and Netflix are two best streaming platforms out there. Both of the platforms come with some amazing Web Series, Originals, Movies, and more.

Amazon Prime Videos Cookies

If you are about to go with this method then you won’t be able to use the Amazon Prime app, instead, you will have to use the Amazon Prime website to login. Cookies are not supported on the Amazon Prime Video app for Android and iOS.

If you are not aware of Cookies, then you could find more info about it from the section below. After reading the section you will get to know about cookies and how it works and how it is better than using Prime Account Username and Password.

What is Prime Video Cookies?

You might have seen an option called “Remember me” or “Stay Logged in” on many websites at the time you try to log in. If enabled, next time onwards, when you simply visit the website, you will be already logged in. How does this happen? you did not enter the username or password but you are already logged in to the website/service.

This is where Cookies comes into play. A cookie is a tiny file that is stored in your browser that contains your account information and duration for which you should be logged in to that particular website. Whenever you open a website and log in, it will look if the cookie exists, if the duration is not expired then you will be automatically logged-into the account. This is how Amazon-Cookies works.

Working Prime Cookies

Below given are some working Amazon Prime Cookies. I have managed to collect well over 5+ cookies that are updated on an hourly basis. For some reason, if one didn’t work for you then you can try the other one and things will work as expected. After copying the cookies from the page refer to the section below to see how to use the same.

Clicking on the link below will take you to a page where you will be able to see multiple Amazon Prime Cookies. Try one by one and it will work for sure. Make sure that you don’t click on the log out button as it will log out every user using the account.

Just visit the page above and copy the cookie files content. We have shared a number of other cookies like Zbigz and Netflix as well.

How to use Amazon Prime Cookies?

Using a premium account cookie is really simple. For this, all you you need is a browser extension only.

1. Open your web browser. In my case, I am using Google Chrome. It will work with any browser which has support for a cookie editor extension. I will recommend you to use Google Chrome for that matter.

2. Open the link by clicking here. It will take you to Chrome Web Store, from where which you need to install the Cookie Editor extension. It takes less than a minute.

3. Once installed, you will find a new cookie icon on the right section next to the address bar.

4. Click here and visit homepage of Amazon Prime Video.

5. While you are at the Amazon Prime website, simply click on the cookie icon from the top bar

6. Click the “Import” button

rt amazon prime video cookies

7. Now paste the cookie file that you copied in the last step. Click the save button and you are all good to go. Simply refresh the page and it will automatically log in and take you to the Amazon Prime Video dashboard.

paste prime video cookies
Amazon Prime Video Cookies

Reload the page and you will be instantly taken to the Amazon Prime Video. Now start watching your favorite shows or movies.

Amazon Prime Videos

This is how we easily use Amazon Prime Video Cookie. No need to enter username, email or password.


I will only suggest users use the Cookie method as it is simple and flexible. All you want to do is just update the cookies and you are all good to go. If someone logout from their device the cookie will become inactive. In that case, we will soon update the cookies with the updated one.

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