10 Best Chinese Apps Alternatives to use in 2021

India has recently banned tons of Chinese apps in India over security concerns. India contributed a good number of installations of these apps. To be honest, there are tons of other apps like these Chinese apps that get the job done. So, in this article, we are about to take a look at some best Chinese Apps alternatives or replacements that you can use right away

Apps like TikTok, UC Browser, etc had a huge user base in India. If you were one of those users who heavily relied on these apps to get the job done, then this list is definitely for you. Go through the list and find apps that you are using and their alternatives as well. Apps like CamScanner was a really good app and was used by millions of people in India. But don’t worry, we got you covered.

Some of the Chinese apps alternatives mentioned in the articles comes with even more features. We will be adding more new apps to the list, so be sure to check back later.

Best Chinese Apps Replacements

MX Takatak – TikTok Alternative

ma takatak alternative

Among all the apps listed with privacy issues and controversies after the ban of Chinese apps, TikTok was a star, as the app has a lot of users and fans for the app was also growing at a rapid pace but, there was a lot of privacy issues and data leading issues listed for TikTok and also the app was even banned before the controversy of war but came back with the approval of the supreme court also TikTok now has plans to shit servers to India as well for the approval of the app in India, but there are lot of apps available as an alternative for TikTok one of the best one is MX Takatak, I tried the app and is quite good need some more improvements which we an expect on the coming days as well, and also MX is an India company with more apps which are already famed like MX player, etc.

Google Chrome – Alternative to UC Browser, APUS Browser

google chrome web browser

When it comes to the browser I don’t understand why people use u browsers or any other stupid browser like that, UC browser was also one the main controversy maker after the ban of Chinese apps in India in concerned of the privacy issues, also to be noted UC browser asks for unnecessary permission when installed and shows a lot of creepy ads as well, one of the famous and apt alternatives for the Chinese browser is google chrome itself. It is reliable to use and parent company and does not show creepy ads as shown in UC browser. The UI is also good.

Google News – Alternative for UC News and NewsDog

google news

Ok, when we talk about news Uc news and news dogs was one of the major pictures, to be honest really, I think I don’t need to introduce major news app UC news or news dogs. They were a really reliable source for even Indian users but unfortunately, they are also at the banned list of Chinese apps in India. So, the best alternative for UC news and News dog is the internet legends own google news, completely reliable and easy to use So, no doubt guys switch to google news if you are trying to find a news alternative for UC news or news dog.

Microsoft Office — WPS Office Alternative

WPS Office was one of the best in android for all data reading and file opening stuff.WPS was even pre-installed in android at some point. but due to bad luck and obviously, because it’s a Chinese app, WPS was banned from India as a cybersecurity measure. If you are the ones who are looking for the best alternative for the WPS office I would suggest Microsoft office which as reliable as WPS and it also has some of the same features, But to be honestly saying Microsoft office is not as good in comparison to WPS office in mobile platforms.

Files by Google Alternative to SHAREit, Xender

files by google

One of the major concerns for me, when I heard Chinese apps are going to be banned from India first thing which came to mind, was about file sharing, truly Xender and ShareIt hanged the way of sharing files with a faster method. Now as both of them are gone the best alternative to go is again from the Internet giants Google themself, files Go is files managing app and files sharing apps as well.

ShareChat – Helo Alternative

Helo was also a hit in the Indian market as a mini social video sharing app lets call it a video social media. Which also an app in the list when India banned 59 of the Chinese apps as India’s concern on cyber privacy. So one of the best alternatives for Helo will be Sharechat itself.ShareChat is a completely reliable and easy to use social video sharing app just like Helo , here will be a dramatic migration of Helo using to Sharehat as Helo gets banned from India as well.

Adobe Scan – CamScanner Alternative

CamScanner was also a daily driver for me, t was a really useful app for business people as well as working-class people as scanning copies of documents was real hard in old days CamScanner changed the way we scanned copies. s CamScanner is banned from India the best alternative to go is Adobe Scan, is also a reliable source and an easy to use app for scanning documents.

ProtonVPN – TurboVPN Alternative

As internet anonymity is one of the major concern on the internet Nower days, Vpn’s are also an important part as there is a lot of VPN out there I think I don’t need to talk much on the subject, my personal pick on VPN is Proton VPN as ProtonVPN is a reliable source.

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