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Hey wassup, are you searching for the GB Instagram? One of the most widely used Instagram mod? Then you’re in the right place. In this article, I will be not only providing you the link of GB Instagram. Also, I will be introducing you to another Instagram mod which comes with tones of features.

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Features offered By GB Instagram

GB Instagram app is among the many modded Instagram Apk, which allows individuals to download videos and images, as well as unlocking many features like:

  • Custom themes are available.
  • Allows you to copy comments
  • You can as well copy the Bio of other individuals if you love them.
  • You can have two accounts on the same android device. Therefore, if you have two Instagram accounts, this all you need.
  • It allows individuals to copy or share the URLs of various images and videos. This is very essential when it comes to sharing information.
  • If you have friends from different countries, GB Instagram will allow you to translate the comments made to your language or from your language to theirs.
  • The app is regularly updated. Once a new version is out, you will be notified. Interestingly, all the latest updates come with new features.
  • No need to root your device. Most of your mod apk requires rooting of android devices to use them. However, that is not necessary.
  • You can download videos and images. This is perhaps the most outstanding feature of this app. Instagram has a lot of privacy and cannot allow you to download other people’s posts. However, GB Instagram provides for this. You can download all the videos and images that you want.
  • No bans. So far, no user has been banned from using GB Instagram.
  • You can zoom in profile images. This is a feature that you cannot enjoy in the official Instagram app.
  • The latest version has a provision for video calls.
  • Also, you are able to add a voice note as well as a tag in your story.

Download GB Instagram

#1.Mirror Link

#2.Mirror Link

#3.Mirror Link

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Features Offered By Insta+

Instagram+ is a modded version of Instagram for android, created by Which have features same as which GB Instagram offers like:

  • Follow indicator (You’ll see if someone is following you)
  • You can view profile pictures (Long click)
  • You can enlarge pictures (Long click)
  • Download feature
  • Auto start videos with sound
  • Direct share URL
  • And a lot more features.

Download Insta+

Download Link (Offical)

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