10 Hidden WhatsApp Features That You Didn’t Know

Whether you’re just starting to use WhatsApp or you’re a WhatsApp user for a long time, did know that there some hidden features in WhatsApp that would be very helpful while using WhatsApp. Without being delayed let me get into the topic

1.Text Formating

WhatsApp allows you to send text in three different formats: BOLD, ITALICS and STRIKETHROUGH 

To get Bold text to add an asterisk (*your text here*) on two sides of your text, to get italics to add an underscore(_your text here_) in two sides of you’re text and to get strikethrough like the same way add tildes(~your text here~) in the two sides of you’re text

2. Who Do You Talk To The Most

Are you curious to know to whom your girlfriend or boyfriend is chatting the most, it’s easy to figure out.

Open WhatsApp Go to Settings>Data and Storage Use>Storage Use. Now a list of contact appears according to the order who used the most storage. Tap on any contact to know details such as how many photos, gifs, and messages they exchanged.

3. Get Detail About the Messages That You Have Send

This feature is very useful in group chats, with the help of this feature you will be able to know who all have read the messages that you have sent. You can also know what time was the message delivered or read.

To know it select a message by pressing and holding it then click on 3 dots on the top right corner and click on the info now you can see the details.

4. Hide Your Last Seen Status

If you don’t want your friends or any contacts to see when you entered WhatsApp last time? Then there is a way to hide it.

Open WhatsApp Settings>Account>Privacy>Lastseen>Change Everybody to Nobody 

5. Disable Auto saving Of media’s

If you don’t have enough space in your phone so you don’t want WhatsApp to save the media’s that you’re receiving from chats, is that possible? Yes, it is.

For Android users open your WhatsApp Settings>Chats>Media visibility>Turn off media visibility in the gallery.

If you only want to disable autosaving of media receiving from a specific chat or a group, Open That Individual Chat or Group>Tap on the Contact Name or the Group Subject>Media Visibility>Choose No.

For iPhone users open WhatsApp Settings>Chat Settings>Toggle Off Save Incoming Auto saving

6. Disable Blue Ticks

If you are too busy and don’t have time to respond but the same time you don’t want the sender to realize that you have looked the message so that they don’t think that you’re ignoring them. Then this trick is for you.

To disable it Go To Settings>Account>Privacy>Disable Read Receipt.

7. Setting Custom Notification Sound For Different Contacts

If you are waiting for an important message from someone or a message from your girlfriend and you want to get notified with a different sound then this trick is for you.

To enable this feature Open WhatsApp>Open The Chat Of The Person For Whom You Want To Enable This Feature>Tap On The Name Of the person>Custom Notification>Enable Custom Notification>Now Select The Notification Sound You Want

8. Staring Messages

If you want to mark an important message and you don’t want to delete it accidentally while clearing the chat then this tip is for.

To star a message LongPress The Message That You Want To Star>When the Message Is Selected Click On The Star Icon That Appears In The Top

And that’s how you star a message

9. Use WhatsApp In Desktop

WhatsApp Isn’t limited to your phone, you can use it in desktop by using an emulator or WhatsApp web with the help of a WhatsApp account existing in your phone.

To Use WhatsApp Web  Go To web.whatsapp.com In You’re Desktop>Open Your WhatsApp In You’re Phone>Click 3 Dots In Top Right Corner>Select WhatsApp Web>Now You Will A Get An QR Code Scan Use That To Scan The QR Shown In Your Desktop

You can log out WhatsApp from the web after your use.

10. Limit Data Usage

If your data is low and you don’t want you’re WhatsApp to waste them by automatically  downloading media, then this trick is for you

To Disable Auto-Download Go To Settings>Data Usage And Choose The Settings That IS Best For You.

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