How To Direct Download Torrent Files

how to direct download torrent files

Torrent has become a familiar thing for everyone and its fame is increasing day by day. But most people prefer other alternative downloaders over torrent clients to download files because it seems to be very slow and has many bugs and issues. Today on the tutorial I will be showing you how to download torrent files directly.

What is torrent

For those who don’t know what is torrent let me explain it for you. Torrent is the most widely used file distributing system. Where you can download things such as music, movies, software, etc legal or illegally. When you download files from torrent use VPN in order to be safe.

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List Of Some Torrent Converter Client

How It Works

Torrent converter client acts as cloud storage. Where you can paste your torrent file and it seeds the file for you. And it converts it into a direct download link. Also, some converter clients like seedr allow you to stream videos online so there will be no need for downloading.

What Are The Features

  • Up to 2GB free space available for free accounts.
  • High downloading speed.
  • You can stream video files online.
  • Free space extension will be available

How To Direct Download Torrent Files

zbigz website
  1. Visit any of the torrents converter clients like Seedr and Zbigz.
  2. And now create a free account (Upto 2GB free space will be available for free accounts).
  3. Now copy the magnet link(by right-clicking on the magnet icon if mobile long press and select copy link address) or download the torrent file of the file which you have to download.
  4. Go to the torrent converter client where you have created the account.
  5. Paste the magnet link or upload the torrent file you have downloaded.
  6. Vola! After that, you can either download the file or stream online it from there.

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