How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected Error on Android

Sometimes you might encounter with ‘Screen Overlay Detected’ error on Android. This error started appearing on Android versions from Marshmallow. If you are facing the Android Screen Overlay Detected error on your Android smartphone or tablet then read and find how you can fix the issue easily.

fix screen overlay detected issue in android

Apps like Facebook Messenger needs permission to draw over other apps. Only if this permission is enabled, it can display the chat heads bubble even when you are using some other apps. If an app needs to work on top other installed apps on your smartphone then ‘draw over other apps’ permission should be enabled for that to work. Sometimes, misconfiguration or quitting the app partially might cause the problem. It is very simple to fix the problem and let’s see how.

How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected Error on Android?

Follow the steps mentioned below and easily fix the problem. It will work with almost all Android devices out there and the procedures are pretty much the same.

Method 1: Turn Off Screen Overlay

In this method, we will turn off overlay settings for all apps on our phone and see if this solves our problem.

Step 1: Open your device’s Settings

Step 2: Open Apps settings from the list

installed apps

Step 3: Select apps from the list where it has permission to draw over other apps. You will find a good number of apps on your phone with this permission enabled already. Select the app.

Step 4: Go to the permissions section. Here, you will be able to find all the permission that the currently selected app is using

app permissions

Step 5: From the list of permissions, select Screen Overlay or ‘Display pop-up windows while running in the background’ option. You need to find an option similar to this. The option name might be different depending on the manufacture of your device.

disable permissions

Step 6: Disable that particular permission from the app.

Step 7: Do this for all apps to find the real app that is causing the issue.

Step 8: Once you found the app causing the issue, you can either uninstall it or if you are using it then turn off this permission for that app, and everything will be solved.

See if this has solved the problem or not, if not then we might want to try some other methods to get it fixed.

Method 2 to Fix Screen Overlay Error

This is the second method and if the first one didn’t work for you then try this one.

In this method, we are going to uninstall a problem causing app so that it fixes the issue and won’t appear again. IF you keep on using the app then you will keep on receiving such error now and then. If you are not sure which are the apps that are causing the same issue, I will mention some common apps that cause the problem. See if there are any sort of apps like that mentioned below in your App list and if there is it then straight away uninstall it and the problem will be solved quickly.

  • Facebook Messenger with chats head permission
  • LUX App
  • UC Browser
  • Twilight
  • DU Booster and Cleaner, DU Battery Saver, DU Antivirus
  • All Security and Antivirus Apps
  • Share IT
  • Internet Speed Meter
  • All night mode apps

These are some apps that might cause the issue. I am only telling that there are chances that these apps might cause a problem. Before uninstalling the apps go through the apps permission sections and see if any settings are enabled for this app for running in the background or overlay. If you find something like that then uninstall it and the problem will be solved. Sometimes you might want to uninstall multiple apps to solve the problem. Anyways, try it yourself and see if you were able to solve the issue.

What causes Screen Overlay Detected Error?

There might several reasons why you are getting this error. Most probably it happens because an app is permitted to draw over other apps for its function. A good example of this is the Facebook Messenger itself. Several other apps are using the same feature. It might be one of the reasons why it causes the issue. Sometimes a popup will appear and clicking on it will take you to a settings page from where you need to disable the option. If that doesn’t happen then you can follow the steps mentioned above and get the job done. There are multiple methods to fix the issue. If one method doesn’t get it right for you then make sure you try the other one to get it solved.

Final Words

These are some methods that we can apply to get rid of Screen Overlay Detected Error on Android smartphones or tablets. Majority of the Android users will face this issue because it is very common nowadays. This is found on Android version Marshmallow and above. A lot of apps are getting this feature where the app will still work even on top of other apps. Screen recorders are other examples of this. Apart from these two, there are several other apps using this same feature.

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