How To Install Viper4Android Or DolbyAtmos[Root]

Hi guys, Today I will be guiding you on “How To Install Viper4Android Or DolbyAtoms On Rooted Device”

Viper4Android and DolbyAtoms are the two best audio equalizer apps for android ever existed. These two apps have the ability to change the audio experience to a whole new level. If your a rooted user I highly recommend to use any of these apps, if you use it once then you can’t live without it. This software contains features like bass boost, playback control and also there is an amazing feature called 3d sound effects or headphone surround which make feel like your inside the sound which so cool.


  • Magisk or a custom recovery like twrp
  • If you have any audio fx app, then you should remove it before installation.
  • BusyBox. Click here to download
  • Viper4Android Zip. Click here to enter the official page of Viper4android and download the correct version for your device(if you have magisk then the zip is not needed).
  • Or DolbyAtoms Zip. Download the zip by searching DolbyAtoms for your android version from Google.
  • And a recovery image like TWRP(if you have magisk then it is not needed)
  • Most importantly your device must be rooted. If not, root your device with the help of this article.

How To Easily Root Your Android Device

   How To Install Viper4Android

1. Instaling BusyBox

  1. Download and install BusyBox from the link given above.
  2. Now, open the BusyBox and click install.

2. Installing Viper4Android Using Magisk

  • Open magisk>Click on the 3 lines in the upper-left corner>Go to download tab
  • Search for Viper4Android.
  • Now, many versions of Viper4Android appear, install anyone of it by clicking the download icon and select install.
  • After the download, it will be installed automatically.
  • And when the installation is complete reboot your device and your good to go.

3. Installing Viper4Android Using Recovery Option

  • Download the Viper4Android from the link given above.
  • Copy it to somewhere you can find it easily.
  • Now, enter into your option ( i am using TWRP)
  • Click install>Find Viper4Android zip and Select it.
  • Now, flash the zip by swiping.
  • After the flashing is complete, select clear dwalik and cache and swipe it.
  • Now, select reboot system. After the reboot is complete Viper4Android will be installed Successfully.

How To Install DollbyAtmos

Since DollyAtoms is not available in magisk you will have to flash it manually.

  1. Download the correct version of DollbyAtoms from the link given above.
  2. Copy the zip file to somewhere you can find it easily.

Flashing DollbyAtoms Through Magisk

  • Open magisk>Click on the 3 lines in the upper-left corner>Go to modules
  • Now, click on the + icon and locate your zip file then select it.
  • That’s it After the flash reboot your device.

Flashing DollbyAtoms Through Recovery Option

  1. Go to your recovery option (mine is TWRP).
  2. Select install>Find your zip file and select it.
  3. Now flash by swiping.
  4. After the flashing is complete select clear dwalik and cache and swipe it.
  5. Now, reboot into your system. Ta-Da DollbyAtoms is installed successfully.


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When your downloading the zip file make sure that you’re selecting the correct version for your device. If your device ends up in a boot loop try clearing clear dwalik and cache from the recovery option if you’re still facing the problem try a factory reset it should help.

Viper4Android and DollbyAtoms make your audio device to work in its full potential. And gives you the best audio experience. And that’s all about How To Install Viper4Android Or DolbyAtoms.

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