How To Multiplayer Pes Or Fifa With 2 Keyboards On The Same PC

Hey buddies, wassup. Today on Techcluez I will be guiding you on, How To Multiplayer Pes Or Fifa With 2 Keyboards On the Same PC. Yes, you can use two keyboards to play multiplayer games like Pes and Fifa. If you don’t have joysticks to play football with your friend ask him to bring his keyboard when he comes.

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Things Required

  • Xbox Driver Click here to download. (This download link takes you to the Microsoft official page, select your operating system and its bit. Above windows 7 users select windows 7)
  • Keyboard Splitter(you can download it by searching it in the google)

How It Works

Usually, when you connect two keyboards into your pc windows treat them as the same device, making it impossible to be used for multiplayer gaming.

While with the help of Keyboard Splitter you can create up to 4 virtual Xbox 360 controllers and feed the input from the separate keyboard to each one. Which make your pc to think that Xbox controllers are plugged in and make it possible to play multiplayer games. Keyboard Splitter keys are fully customizable. Not only with Pes or Fifa, but it also works with almost all games. There is also an option called Test Virtual Controller which helps you test whether the controls are set correctly. Without getting any further due let us get into the topic “How To Multiplayer Pes Or Fifa With 2 Keyboards On The Same PC”.

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How To Multiplayer Pes Or Fifa With 2 Keyboards On The Same PC

Step 1:

Download and install the Xbox driver from the link given above. Make sure you’re downloading the correct version of the driver for your pc if your using windows version above 7 then download the driver for windows 7.

Step 2:

Download and install the Keyboard Splitter.

Step 3:

Open keyboard splitter now enters the number of keyboards that you have connected. The maximum number of keyboard you can use is 4.

Step 4:

Select the game for which you want to use this software if your game is not in the list don’t worry just select the default.

Step 5:

Now change the controls if you want. You can check whether the controls you have set is correct by going to tools and selecting Test Virtual Controller.

Step 6:

Check the box with block the chosen keyboard and click start. That all, now you can play multiplayer games with two or more keyboards in the same pc.

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This tool is very helpful while playing multiplayer games if you don’t have a joystick. Some drawbacks I found about this tool is that when you’re using these tools and others keys will not function unless you stop the tool. While playing the game if get any call from apps like Skype or you want to do any other task then you will have to quit the game and stop the tool to respond. And a great advantage I found about this tool is that you can save you control configuration so that you can use different types of control configuration for a game. I hope you found this trick helpful, if yes please share this with your friends

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