The Ultimate Gaming Setup For Playing Online Poker

Online poker is one of the most popular gaming genres right now, as right across the US, more states are opening the virtual doors of the poker rooms for people to play.

New York could be the eighth and latest state to up the ante and allow players to go all-in with the game attracting new players every day. Since social distancing and lockdowns came into effect, poker lovers have had to look to other play methods. So after being blocked from their weekly game nights at casinos or visiting friends, it brought a sharp rise in players heading online. However, even though the establishments are back open, and we can revisit friends, many poker enthusiasts have chosen to stay online.

There are many reasons for this; convenience is one factor, but one major driver is the experience that the latest online poker platforms give. It’s now not uncommon to see things like live streaming of the dealers, which provide the player with a similar experience inside the casino while remaining in the warmth of home.

However, to get the most out of your play, be it for fun or if you want to play seriously and maybe win some money, you’ll need to get a decent poker rig set up. So, here’s what to look for to get your setup sorted to get your seat at the table.

Computational power

For any application, the heartbeat of your gaming setup is the motherboard, processor, and RAM. These can differentiate between a silky smooth session or feeling like you’ve just been dealt a bad hand. When it comes to manufacturers, you can’t go wrong with Gigabite, they’re the best around, and their X570 Xtreme is an excellent choice. 16GB would be ideal in terms of RAM, and the processor choice would be an AMD Ryzen series. Once you’ve got things hardware-related organized, remember to ensure you have activated your version of Microsoft Windows.

Multi-Screen play

Having two monitors is extremely helpful for playing poker; there are many choices, but we would recommend picking up more than one. When you play poker online for real money, there are several elements to consider, with options such as multi-table tournaments placing extra demands on your setup. Having a bigger viewing area not only allows you to play more than one game at a time, but you could also use the extra real estate to view poker tips and help guides on the second screen. Accessing these on another screen can be the difference between a big win or a bad beat. The Viewsonic VX22622 22″ monitor is a great option; they’re easy to set up and have excellent screen clarity.


As poker sessions can be lengthy, purchasing an ergonomic mouse and keyboard can help you stay comfortable and focus on the game. Microsoft’s Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, works a treat. As for a mouse, a change from the traditional option is good by utilizing a Logitech trackwheel. It takes the strain off your wrist, and you don’t need to worry about a mouse mat or such like too. Last but not least, we would recommend Logitech’s G332 gaming headphones, so you can not only chat with other players but also listen out for those all-important tells to give you the advantage ahead of your turn.

There you have it; there’s our pick of everything you need to prepare you for a stint at the online poker table, whether you’re new to the game or looking to raise the stakes above your competitors.

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